Austin Foundation for Architecture - Grant Application

Grant Application

For the exclusive purpose of fulfilling our mission, the Austin Foundation for Architecture offers
this opportunity.

AFA funds can only be distributed to:

  1. a 501(c)3
  2. An individual, for approved educational and charitable purposes.

Requests must be submitted to AFA by June 1st or December 15th for consideration. The completed and signed Grant Application Form and supporting proposal will be shared with the AFA Grant Committee.

A digital submission is preferred in Microsoft Word, or in a PDF format.

Send to:
Austin Foundation for Architecture at the form below, or 801 West 12th Street, Austin, Texas 78701.

  • Requests may be submitted on behalf of individuals or organizations. Requests are denied if not approved by a majority vote of the Board.
  • Projects must further the mission of AFA with a demonstrable benefit to the Austin Metropolitan Area. The AFA two-part mission is to:
    • develop the general public’s education, awareness, and appreciation for architecture, and to promote responsible stewardship of the Central Texas environment.
    • develop sustainable architectural leadership for AIA Austin, and other public, professional, and community organizations in Central Texas.
  • Grant awards are determined by the merits of the request and may be awarded in amounts less than requested.
  • Awarded funds are to be expended in the 12 months following the application deadline for which they are awarded. The individual applicant is required to report the results of the funding at a future Board meeting and meet other conditions of the grant award notice.

Along with the completed application form provide the following information in an attached document entitled ‘AFA Grant Request for _________________’:

  1. Applicant name, firm/company, address, contact phone and E-mail.
  2. For whose benefit are you submitting (individual or entity).
  3. General description and purpose of the project (100 words or less).
  4. How does the project fulfill AFA’s Mission?
  5. Description of how funds will be used (100 words or less).
  6. Detailed estimate and justification of costs to be underwritten by these funds.
  7. Timeline for completion of project.
  8. Specific benefit(s) to the Austin Community.
  9. Measurable anticipated outcomes of project.
  10. Methods and timeline for evaluating success of project.
  11. Other sources and amounts of financial support for this project already attained.
  12. Other sources and amounts of financial support being sought.
  13. Sources of in-kind contributions for this project already attained.
  14. Sources of in-kind contributions for this project being sought.
  15. If a 501(c)3, please submit your Letter of Determination. If an individual, please submit your receipt(s) or other documentation.

Please attach file as .DOC, .DOCX or .PDF format. Max 1MB file size.