Austin Foundation for Architecture - Honorees


We recognize the leaders among us whose work enriches our built environment.

Each year, AFA honors one person from outside the field of architecture who believes in the relationship between a well-built environment and high quality of life. As an individual or through professional work, AFA Honorees demonstrate leadership consistent with the AFA mission, through the projects they initiate, lead or champion, through influential decision making, or financial contribution.

Each year, AFA also honors one organization (public, non-profit or private-sector) from outside the field of architecture that demonstrates achievement in making Austin a better place to live. These organizations are represented by people in our community who are making a difference in the way we all experience Austin. We recognize the scope, scale and variety of Honoree contributions. We welcome nominations of anyone in the community who meets these criteria.

Honorees receive an art glass piece created by Austin glass artist, Kathleen Ash of Studio K Glassworks.

Submit nominee’s name and qualifications here